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Support Employment

What is Supported Employment?

NDIS Support Employment helps people with disability to refine their skills, attain their dreams, and have wide options for the future. At 668 Care, we believe employment is far more than just a job. 

When you are warmly welcomed, empowered, and supported in your workplace, it can have significant positive effects on self-esteem and confidence. And we believe that people with disability should also be given this opportunity to experience. 

At 668 Care, we provide employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities who do not have any access to mainstream job opportunities. We are providing supported employment services to people with disability for the last several years.

Supported Employment at 668 Care

What are the support employment roles offered by 668 Care?

At 668 Care, our support employees work in different roles, We have gardeners, recyclers, tour guides, drivers, cooks, and many more. Once you become part of the 668 Care team, you will not only earn money but also get continuous support and training.

What Skills Will I Learn?

Once you become part of the 668 Care team, we will help you to learn new skills that help you to attain your desired goals. These skills will also help you to get employment in your desired areas.

Do I Need Qualification or Experience?

No, you don’t need any qualifications or experience to access the 668 Care Supported Employment Service Instead, our supervisors and trainers will provide you with training and support every step of the way. 

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