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NDIS Overview

What Is The NDIS?

The NDIS is also known as National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is a special type of insurance scheme that was introduced to assist the people with significant and permanent disability under the age of 65 years, The NDIS provides funds directly to the person with disability to do things they want to do on a regular basis.  The scheme was introduced by the Australian Government with an aim to support a better life for thousands of Australian with a significant and permanent disabilities along with their families and caretakers.

To become an NDIS Participant, you need to:

  • Assure that NDIS is available in your nearby areas.
  • Meet the age, residence, and disability, or early intervention across requirements.
  • You can request access by contacting the NDIS.

After requesting, you may be asked to provide proof to support your patient request to access the NDIS.

What Support Will NDIS Fund?

The NDIS will fund for the things that are related to the person’s disability that will enhance their independence, quality of life, and promote social and economic participation. Following are the things for which NDIS will fund:

  • Assisting with self-care
  • Assistance with finding employment
  • Social Participation
  • Mobility Equipment
  • Assistive Technology
  • Assistance with transport support involved in social, community, and employment activities
  • Vehicle and house modification (Should be directly related to participant’s disability)
  • Contingence Aids

The followings are the things NDIS will not support funds:

  • Rent
  • Medical Costs
  • Household Bills
  • Education
  • Transportation costs that are not related to the person’s disability-related needs.

Are you eligible for the NDIS?

To be eligible for the NDIS, the person with a permanent and significant disability must:

  • Be an Australian Citizen and live in Australia, or a Permanent resident, or holding a special category VISA.
  • Living in area where NDIS is available.
  • The person must have a significant and permanent disability that minimizes their abilities to perform activities like communication, social interaction, learning, mobility, self-care, and self-management.
  • Should be under the age of 65 at the time of accessing the NDIS.
  • Need support from person or equipment to perform daily things for yourself because of an impairment or condition.

If you have any questions about the NDIS scheme, please get in touch with the 668 Care team today.  As one of the NDIS providers based in Melbourne, we strive to help our clients to live a happy and independent life. 


What is the NDIS?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is a reliable and personalized support system for individuals with disabilities, their families, and carers. It ensures that people with permanent or partial disabilities can easily carry out their daily activities.

With the NDIS, you receive the necessary assistance to lead a fulfilling life. It covers various aspects such as healthcare, education, employment, independence, and community engagement. The NDIS provides lifelong support, giving you the assurance of ongoing assistance.


Yes definitely, we encourage you to do that. 668 Care can also assist you to pre-plan. We can support you understand the NDIS, talk to you about your eligibility, identify goals and apply.

Your funding and payment structure will depend on your plan management type. There are three forms of NDIS plan management:

  • Agency Managed – The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) manages your plan for you. This means that the NDIA is responsible for directly paying providers for any services you book with them.
  • Self Managed – You are responsible for all payments. You are in control and have full flexibility over your service bookings. If you are confident in coordinating your finances independently, this is a great option for you.
  • Plan Managed – A third-party individual manages your plan on your behalf. This person is known as your plan manager and you must pay a fee for their services. In some cases, you may receive funding in your plan specifically for plan management fees.
Yes, you can invite family member during this process and every step of the way.
Yes, you can. If you are not satisfied with the services you are receiving, you can change to ensure you are receiving the services you want.

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