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Ready to experience quality community nursing by 668 Care? Discover NDIS Community Nursing!

668 Care offers a range of NDIS Community Nursing services that cater to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Here are some examples of the services provided by 668 Care:

Medication Administration and Management

Expert nurses from 668 Care ensure safe and accurate medication administration, including proper dosage, timing, and monitoring of medication effectiveness. They also provide education and training to individuals and their support networks on medication management.

Wound Care and Dressing Changes

668 Care’s skilled nurses offer comprehensive wound care management, including assessment, cleaning, dressing changes, and infection prevention. They ensure proper wound healing and provide ongoing monitoring and support.

Continence Management

668 Care provides personalized continence management services, including advice, support, and guidance on managing bladder and bowel issues. They assist individuals with catheter care, continence product selection, and training in self-care techniques.

Health Monitoring and Observations

The dedicated nurses at 668 Care conduct regular health monitoring, including vital sign assessments, symptom tracking, and observations to identify any changes or concerns. They communicate the findings to healthcare providers and assist in care coordination.

Chronic Disease Management

668 Care supports individuals with chronic health conditions through personalized management plans. They assist in monitoring the condition, provide education on self-management techniques, and coordinate care with other healthcare professionals.

Health Assessments

Qualified nurses at 668 Care conduct comprehensive health assessments, which include physical examinations, health history review, and identifying potential health risks. They develop individualized health plans and assist individuals in achieving their health goals. 

Palliative Care Support

668 Care offers compassionate and specialized palliative care services for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. Their expert nurses focus on pain management, symptom control, and providing emotional support to individuals and their families during end-of-life care.

Choosing NDIS Community Nursing provided by 668 Care means gaining access to a trusted and reliable healthcare partner who understands the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. With their expertise and dedication, 668 Care strives to enhance the health outcomes, independence, and quality of life for those they serve, empowering individuals and promoting their well-being within their communities.

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Life is a journey. We’re here to help you learn as much as possible along your journey.

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668 Care has meant a lot to me because I've been able to come out to places like this.
668 Care bring the best out of me. I get to work with lovely souls like Jason.

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