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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living enables individuals with disabilities to live independently in their own home or in a shared living arrangement while receiving the necessary supports tailored to their specific needs. SIL offers assistance with daily living tasks, personal care, household management, and community participation. This type of accommodation focuses on promoting independence, skill-building, and fostering community inclusion. Participants have more autonomy and control over their living environment while receiving the support they need to maintain their independence.


Specialist Disability Accommodation refers to purpose-built or modified housing that is designed to meet the specific needs of individuals with significant disabilities. SDA properties are equipped with various accessibility features and assistive technologies, such as wheelchair accessibility, hoists, and specialized bathroom facilities. The aim of SDA is to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals with complex needs, enabling them to live more independently. SDA funding is separate from other NDIS supports and is allocated based on the participant’s specific disability-related requirements.

How we do it

At 668 Care, you and your independence is our main priority.

Regular Support

At 668 Care, you get regular support in helping you with your regular day-to-day tasks.

Easy Access

Our properties are designed with you in mind. Our accessible properties are tailor-made to fit you and your needs.

Personal Space

Have your own private space so you can have the peace of mind you want and need.

Develop Your Skills

Life is a journey. We’re here to help you learn as much as possible along your journey.

How It Works

Find your new home in under 4 easy steps.

Contact Us

Get in touch with our support team at 668 Care via form, phone, e-mail, or chat.

Visit Our Homes

You can anytime visit us with your support coordinator and family to inspect your dwelling area.

Easy Transition

Here, we will team up with you to know your needs and arrange an easy transition to your new home accordingly.

Move In

Now, it’s time to enter your new home and start a new journey with courage.

Our Stories

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668 Care has meant a lot to me because I've been able to come out to places like this.
668 Care bring the best out of me. I get to work with lovely souls like Jason.

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