Supported Independent Living

Helping you to find your forever home

At 668 Care, we adopt an individual-centric approach wherein we arrange accommodation supports that are designed to suit all your needs. The focus of supported independent living is to encourage individuals to build capacity that enables them to live their life more independently. We do so by adopting skills training and life goal planning for the participants. 

We facilitate meetings between like-minded individuals and families seeking accommodation supports. 

  We assist you in finding homes that you can call your own. 

  • NDIS funded SIL is an opportunity to move into space where you can live the life you choose. With it, you gain access to all the necessary support as and when needed. You can seek help for:
  • Daily life skills like cooking, gardening, cleaning and doing laundry
  • Household management and support in budgeting
  • Development of social and communication skills
  • Overnight support
Living in SIL gives you the autonomy you want and the support that you need. Your family and friends can visit you at any time.
  • SIL accommodation will not include boarding and lodging. Any other living expense of daily nature like food and activities is also not included.
  • With SIL accommodation, you can also avail Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) package. It includes the cost of the physical accommodation.
  • With SIL accommodation, your new home and independence can also make you feel a little nervous. We give you time and support to feel comfortable and confident. Our staff will listen to you and understand your viewpoints and will assist you in achieving your life goals.