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Support Coordination

668 Care Support Coordination

We’ll help connect you with the right providers to help get you the most out of your NDIS Plan.

Support Coordination is an NDIS capacity-building support, designed to ensure that you get the most out of your NDIS funding. 668 Care Support Coordinators will work with you to explore what options are available for you and recommend where and how you can access these supports.

The NDIS process can be quite challenging for some people. At 668 Care, our Support Coordinators help you to manage your service and support you to live your life to the fullest, especially during the time of transition or crisis. They will also help you resolve potential funding issues, identify solutions, and consider new goals. 

What Does 668 Care Support Coordination Services Include?

At 668 Care, our Support Coordination services include:

  • Personalised meetings to discuss and explain your NDIS plan.
  • Assist you to get the most out of your NDIS plan.
  • Assist you in setting up the NDIS portal.
  • Explain NDIS documentation.
  • Assist you to contact service providers.
  • Continuous support even after your plan is implemented.
  • Assist you to prepare for NDIS plan reviews.

Why 668 Care?

  • Through a person-centered approach, our Support Coordinators will always be available to support you.
  • Ensures that you are linked with the services you want or need.
  • Work with you to strengthen your skills and increase your capacity.
  • Work with you to attain your desired outcomes.
  • Assist you to work towards your identified goals.
  • Assist you in how to respond to crisis.
  • Build your skills and increase your capacity for greater independence.

The 668 Care team will help you in getting the most out of life by ensuring that you are exactly getting the care you need from your Support Coordinator. Contact us to get started.

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