Support Coordination

Support Coordination

  • Vital support for managing your services
  • Get the charge of your NDIS plan and make your life easy and comfortable. Our services and training are meant to strengthen your ability to find and manage services, make changes, and sort out issues. It assists you in reaching your goals conveniently.
  • As an NDIS participant who has been approved for the support category ‘coordination of supports’ in your NDIS plan, you gain access for the following supports.
  • Manage and coordinate life stages, supports, and transitions with our assistance

Our short term or continuous support strengthens your ability to manage your supports, coordinate your life with independence, and gain involvement with your community. You get access to help for:

  • Get in touch with the service providers that fit your requirements.
  • Managing your supports and your NDIS plan in the best possible way.
  • Plan for appropriate changes related to any aspect of your life be it related to work or study.

 Let us coordinate it for you

  • We function as a support coordinator that works to fulfill all your NDIS support related requirements and beyond. We at 668 Care make the best providers accessible to you such that you avail the best possible benefits of the NDIS plan. 
  • Call us for a friendly conversation with our team and know more. 

Support Coordination Services at 668 Care offer:

  • The support that fits your varied needs
  • Consultation on decision making regarding your support options
  • Mutual respect and dignity
  • Valuable advice on support costs
  • Honest and timely communication
  • Eager to resolve your problems and pay attention to your feedback
  • Keep you informed about complaint status.
  • Timely and accurate record-keeping
  • Privacy and confidentiality assured

There are three tiers of support coordination available to suit your individual requirements: