NDIS Eligibility: Everything You Need To Know – A Complete Guide

NDIS Eligibility Melbourne

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Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a revolutionary program that changes the lives of thousands of Australians with disabilities. Every state now offers the NDIS that provides direct funding to eligible recipients to help them take charge of their destinies and make informed decisions about their care and support needs.

The NDIS was designed to provide those with disabilities access to an accessible economy. Before you can submit an application or qualify for the financial assistance given by this program, however, you must learn about the NDIS eligibility.


The NDIS: What It Is & What It Means For People With Disability


If you’re disabled or know someone, you’re well aware of the daily difficulties they face. Fortunately, there is a program called the NDIS that can help.

The NDIS was established to assist qualifying individuals with their health needs including but not limited to intellectual, physical, sensory impairments, and developmental delays.

Australians can be confident that they will receive the required assistance if they develop a significant and lasting disability.

To be clear, though, the NDIS is not a social assistance program. Still, it aims to assist individuals in acquiring the necessary support to increase their abilities and independence over time.


NDIS Checklist: Are you eligible?


Are you eligible for the NDIS? We’ve got the answers you need.


Citizen Requirements


To find out about NDIS eligibility, you must provide proof of residency in Australia. If you reside in Australia, you qualify for the following criteria. If the NDIS program is unavailable in your area, you must wait until it becomes available.


Residence Requirements


The NDIS program is available ONLY to Australian citizens, permanent residents, and Protected Special Category Visa holders. If you do not satisfy this criterion, you can always look for an alternative program that offers comparable services.

You are an Australian Citizen if you were born in Australia or if at least one of your parents is an Australian Citizen. At the same time, a permanent resident holds a permanent visa but is not necessarily an Australian Citizen. The protected special category visa is mainly granted to New Zealand citizens who come to travel, work, or study in Australia.


Age Requirements


As a general rule, you must be under 65 years old at the date of your application to be eligible. If you’re over 65, you may find other programs similar to NDIS that fit your needs better. 

Even though they are qualified, children under seven may only have a detailed consultation to determine whether the NDIS program will meet their care and support requirements. You can opt for a more thorough program to address your child’s condition and support services.


Disability Requirements


For the disability requirements, you must prove that you have a permanent disability related to the list below and that you are most likely to need this program in your entire life. If not, you are always encouraged to look for similar programs.

  • Your permanent impairment significantly restricts your functional capacity to engage in one or more of the following: mobility, communication, socialisation, learning, or self-care or self-management duties.
  • Your permanent handicap hinders your ability to work, study, and participate in social activities.

You can immediately coordinate with the local NDIS point-of-contact to determine how to initiate your NDIS application.

Early Intervention Requirements


By providing you or your family with the essential support for skill development, early interventions attempt to help you avoid future economic difficulties. You are likely urged to register for the NDIS if you believe you require immediate assistance or if your family requires skill-building to reduce future financial pressures.

Suppose you believe the NDIS cannot provide you with the necessary help. In that case, you can always speak with your local area coordinator, who can connect you with other government initiatives.


Key Takeaway

If you meet all the five criteria above, you are most likely qualified to apply for the NDIS plan. Don’t worry if you did not meet one or more of the NDIS eligibility. You can still contact your local coordinator to determine which programs you might qualify for. 

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