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Behaviour Support

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NDIS Behaviour Support
Behaviour Support Service aims to provide support to individuals with challenging behaviours. At 668 Care, we understand that sometimes individuals with disability respond to some situations with challenging behaviours. Caring for individuals who display these services can sometimes be distressing if there are no effective strategies are planned to manage them. Through 668 Care behaviours support service, challenging behaviours can be understood and addressed to eliminate the possibility of their presentation and replace it with an alternative, a more constructive form of communication. At 668 Care, our behaviour support service aims to minimise challenging behaviours by designing individualized strategies for people with disability, responding to individuals’ unique needs, and helping to manage and minimize the occurrence of challenging behaviours. At 668 Care, we help clients and their families reach their goals, promoting independence and quality of life while minimising the behaviours of concerns. We also help them by assessing needs and developing a unique behaviour support plan while training and mentoring the families, and caretakers on how to work towards the individual’s behaviour goals through providing suggestions on implementing proactive and reactive solutions. If you or someone you know needs a behaviour support service, contact us now. We will be happy to assist you. At 668 Care, we have several years of experience in supporting individuals with challenging behaviour.

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