Social & Community Participation

Social and Community Participation

Live the life full of sharing and compassion with friends and more. 

Social And Community participation comes in two areas of support purpose that are Core and Capital Building. It empowers the participant to gain access and integrate with the community.

In this category, support is offered to help the participant gain access to the community for social and recreational activities. It can be individually or in a group. With this support, you can also attend a centre based program for developing skills that help in getting access to the community independently.

These support services include:
  • Developing essential life skills like public transport training, attending appointments, shopping, and bill paying.
  • Recreation and leisure activities
  • Personal interest activities like art, beauty, cooking, woodwork, and more.
  • Joining community events
  • Going on a holiday camp
  • And many more

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The 668 Care Program has aim to provide opportunities to live your life independently and engage in various community activities. We offer support by strengthening your skills, enabling you to access the community alone. You have a wide variety of social activities to participate in. 

Our services are available in locations across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. We assist you in engaging with the community and civic activities in your area with support from our friendly staff, who remain your companion throughout the process. It improves your ability to participate independently. 

Our services at 668 Care are customised for children, youth, and adults:

Some of our programs include:


This program will include a range of activities, including indoor and outdoor ones. These are entirely safe as well as enjoyable for the kids. The program is fit for children aged 6 to 11 years. 


The activities in this program are designed to maintain the engagement and interest level of youth aged between 12-17 years. These indoor and outdoor activities have an element of thrill and adventure as well.


This program includes adventure activities that involve teamwork, camaraderie, and excitement for the participants. The program is designed to keep 18+ age individuals in mind.