Our Services

Daily Living

We cover all your disability-related needs with our daily living services that bring comfort to your everyday life activities. In line with your intentions and objectives, our support will see you through.

Social and Community Participation

Get involved in a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities in our day and after school program. It is a favorable chance for individuals and groups to gain convenient involvement.

Allied Health

668 Care adopts several therapies and gets required support from Allied Health Practitioners. It is ideal for persons with disabilities as they go about participating in school, workplace, or home.

Plan Management

Our financial intermediary team are committed to delivering best plan management services to ensure you utilise your findings to its full potential in order to achieve your goals.

Support Coordination

668 Care adopts a person-centred approach to its support coordination services that focuses on strengthening individuals’ abilities to coordinate and implement support, whilst participate more fully in the community.