We assorted for you some commonly asked questions and their competent answers about NDIS.
  • Do I need to do some planning before I meet with NDIS?

Yes, ideally, you should chalk out a plan before you meet with NDIS. We at 668 Care, are glad to assist you in this. We all elaborate on all relevant aspects of NDIS, like the application process, goals, and objectives, and resolve your queries related to the eligibility criteria.

  • Doe 668 Care have prior experience with NDIS?

We are actively involved in NDIS since its inception and implementation in NSW, QLD, and VIC. We have assisted several individuals for NDIS. 

  • Who will manage funds in my plan?

For managing your funds in NDIS plan, there can be three ways of working it: 

  • NDIA Managed

In this, it is the NDIA that does the managing of funds for you. 

  • Plan Managed

Here, you will hire a Plan Manager who will manage the funds on your behalf as per your requirements. It will be the obligation of the Plan Manager to pay for your expenses related to NDIS on your behalf. 

  • Self-Managed

In this method, you will be managing the funds received under your plan. For this, you will have the Participant Portal for your assistance in paying bills related to your plan. 

Out of all these three options, you have to choose the one that fits you in the best possible way, in line with your objectives in the plan. 

  • Can I involve my family members in the planning process and the meeting related to NDIS?

Yes, we encourage you to involve your family members during each and every stage of the planning process for NDIS. 

  • Can I change my service provider if I am not satisfied with the services offered?

Yes, you have the freedom to change your service provider at any stage, if you feel dissatisfied. To receive the services that you are entitled to NDIS, you can change your service provider as per your convenience.