About Us


  • We endeavour to provide exceptional care and support in line with our vision of being your dedicated support.
  • We develop a strong bonding based on trust with our clients.
  • We nurture a relationship of mutual respect and hope with our clients and their carers.
  • We uphold grace, a sense of personal identity, and required independence for our clients at all times. Our unique 668 Care approach aims to provide support and companionship every day. We also offer 24/7 lifestyle assistance for the live-in care requirements.
Our compassionate approach distinguishes us from the rest. We well understand that every individual has distinct needs, and every situation demands a differential approach. Irrespective of your needs, be it an urgent care requirement, short term accommodation, or supported independent living, we offer services that are tailored to your needs and work to your benefits.


Empowering individuals to an empowered living
We aim to empower individuals with freedom of choice. Respect and dignity of the clients are of prime importance for us as we go about offering the best possible care to our clients.


Bringing smiles to make the difference
Our expert and experienced teamwork towards making everyday life better for our clients. Our objective is to bring happiness back to the lives of our clients through our exceptional care services.


Kindness, Dignity, and Admiration
At 668 Care cohesiveness, benevolence, trustworthiness, innovation, betterment, and leadership are the core values that guide us every day.